Jacksonville NDIA Regional Conference



Ft. Lauderdale NDIA National Conference



Donna is often asked to share her expertise with her colleagues at various conferences, locally in Florida as well as on the national circuit for investigators, lawyers and mitigation specialists. Among others, she has presented as guest speaker for the National Defender Investigator Association, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Florida Capital Resource Center seminar series.

National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates & Mitigation Specialists 2019 Conference
Baltimore, MD

• Preserving Your Expert Like an Expert

National Defender Investigator Association 2017 National Conference
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

▪The Mitigation Investigator in Death Penalty and Juvenile Resentencing Cases
▪Working with Expert Witnesses in Capital Trials and Juvenile Resentencing

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2014 Death Is Different
Orlando, FL

▪Selecting and Utilizing Experts

National Defender Investigator Association 2014 National Conference
New Orleans, LA

▪The Mitigation Specialist
▪Selecting and Utilizing Experts during Phase Two of a Capital Trial

Florida Capital Resource Center 2014 seminar series
(Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville)

▪Selecting and Utilizing Experts

National Defender Investigator Association 2013 Regional Conference
Jacksonville, FL

▪The role of Mitigation in Death Penalty Cases (9/5/13)

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